vKids Preschool Ministry

Welcome to vKids Preschool

In vKids Preschool, we teach children the Bible through creative, age appropriate lessons, and worship. Valley Kids are encouraged to trust God, make wise choices and build friendships that will last. All vKids volunteers are screened, trained and undergo a background check to ensure your child's safety.

*Pre-registration is kindly requested for children of all ages attending vKids Ministry by Friday.

vKids Preschool is divided into 2 environments so that we can engage your child at his or her level.


vKids Nursery: steady walkers- 3 years

Our Nursery room is also located in the vKids Wing of the building. This room is curated for toddlers who are just learning how to walk, share, and play with toys (play kitchen, trucks, books).

In this room, our volunteer staff lead the children in playing with kindness and introduce structure of a classroom. This loose intro consists simply of playtime, cleanup, worship songs & a video lesson, a time of coloring or an activity page, and play time again until service ends. In the Nursery we emphasize the Biblical truth that Jesus loves you and that church is fun!

VKIDS PRESCHOOL: 3 years – Kindergarten

Our Preschool classroom is specialized for children ages 3 years - Kindergarten. The Preschool classroom is located in the hallway next to the Auditorium. This room is modeled after a preschool classroom with tables and chairs where children can play with educational games, blocks, discovery toys, and puzzles. This classroom also consists of a timed schedule that helps incorporate an application game that helps them commit the main point from the day to memory. The class schedule consists of timed playtime, cleanup time, worship songs & a video lesson, time to color, and play time again until service ends. In Preschool we emphasize that Jesus love you, those around you, and made you special so you can serve Him (how to be a good helper, kind sibling, and good friend).

Further Questions?

Food policy

Due to increasing health risks and allergies we no longer provide snack in our classrooms. Outside food or drink is also not permitted. This helps us also keep our childcare facilities cleaner and in the best condition for your children to enjoy.

Diaper change & Bathroom Policy

In vKids Preschool our diaper and bathroom policy is that parents change and take their child to the bathroom. Should your child have a dirty diaper or need to use the restroom, you will be contacted through our check-in system at the phone number that you registered your child with that morning.

Separation Anxiety

For security purposes we only allow vKids Preschool staff and volunteers (all of whom have been background-checked and trained) in our classrooms. We are aware that separation anxiety is a very real factor for children who are birth- K. The vKids Preschool staff and team want to partner with you as the parent or guardian in ensuring that your child to has a positive, fun experience while at church. If a child is experiencing separation anxiety, the parent can inform the vKids Preschool staff in that room of how long they are comfortable with their child crying before they are called back to the room to pick up the child. During that interim time, if a child is having a hard time, the volunteer staff will work to comfort and console the child through the distraction of play. If necessary the Coordinator on call for that service will step in to also assist in making the child feel the most safe and comfortable in their parent's absence. If a parent is called back to pick up a child they are welcome to bring their child to our Cafè where they can sit together and continue viewing the service (this is always an option for parents).

Ouch reports

Should an accident or incident occur in any of our rooms, the classroom leader will page the Coordinator on-call who access if the child is in need of further medical attention.

(If further attention is required, the parents and medical personnel assigned to that church service will be contacted for assistance).

Regardless if further medical attention is required, the classroom leader will fill out an 'Ouch Report' with a detailed description of the event, alert the parent's of the injury, and hand in the 'Ouch Report' to the vKids Pastor to keep on file.