Valley Residency & Internship

Take Your Next Step In Ministry

Equipping Next-Gen Leaders

Valley Interns and Residents receive biblical leadership training, practical experience as team members & leaders, intentional mentoring by our pastoral staff and practical launch tools for their next phase of ministry.

Leaders who faithfully complete our Internship or Residency Program will be uniquely prepared to provide disciple-making leadership not only in the church, but also in the world. 

Valley Residency and Intern Program FAQ's:

1.    What is the difference between an Intern and Resident?


  • Participants are generally seeking to learn the skills for life-long disciple-making while discovering if vocational ministry is their goal.
  • Job description is more project-driven
  • Emphasis on discovery


  • Participants are generally committed to pursuing a potential career in church ministry.
  • Job Description is more pastoral-driven
  • Emphasis on final preparation


2.    How are they being trained?

  • Leadership Development, Staff Coach, Equipping Workshops, five complimentary Connexus Bible Institute courses related to residency field. etc.
  • Outside equipping events


3. How long is an internship/residency?

The Intern Program term is for 3 months (90 days) and Resident Program is for one year. Occasionally, if we feel it is best for the participant and our church, one may extend the Resident Program to a second year.


4. Which ministry areas offer internships and residencies?

  • Valley Worship Team
  • Valley Kids Ministry (preschool or elementary)
  • Valley Student Ministry – Jr. High School
  • Valley Student Ministry – Sr. High School
  • Valley 20Somethings
  • Valley Groups
  • Valley Tech Team
  • Valley Experience Team
  • Valley Online Campus

5. What is the admissions process?

All applicants funnel through the same process:

  • Fill out online application and submit resume to Pastor or Valley Staff member.
  • Interviews (Dept. Head, Lead Pastor, Pastor)
  • Approval (by Dept. Head, Lead Pastor, Pastor)
  • Background check
  • Acceptance communicated to Applicant, Job Description finalized, begin Residency term.