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Poughkeepsie Campus


657 Sheafe Road, Poughkeepsie NY, 12601

Update 9/27/21

The trees are cleared from the back of the lot. We had cut them down in the spring before the start of the Indiana Bat season (I know, I swear I'm not making that up!), but we were not allowed to remove them until we got the building permit. We now have the rear parking lot cleared (see pictures below). Bruce Bower has been busy collecting updated bids for all the work we have in front of us. Once the bids are in, we will be able to get some subcontractors signed on and begin some work.  Please continue to pray for our project as we trust God to guide us and provide the right hearts and hands needed to get all the work done.

Update 8/18/21

WE HAVE OUR PERMIT!!! On Friday 8/13, our General Contractor Bruce Bower and Pastor Dan Gilman, Valley's Project Manager, met at the site with our Design Engineers and the Town of Poughkeepsie Representatives to finalize our Site Plan approval at a Pre-Construction meeting. We will begin our tree removal work next week and install a silt fence to control runoff. Once the trees are removed, a Town Inspector will review the runoff controls and then we can begin actual external site work. 

At the Friday meeting we asked the town about the construction plans review and they said the reviews were done and the permit was ready to be issued. 

We now have the official building permit in hand!

Next Steps: Because of COVID's delays, we need to re-bid everything. This will provide critical information on current costs and contractor availability. This process can take a month or two to finalize. In the meantime, we will be doing what we can to keep things moving forward. The great news is, we can finally begin to move forward!

Update 8/4/21

The month of August is a hopeful one! Our Site Plans have been finalized and are currently being circulated through the Town of Poughkeepsie Planning Board for approval and signatures. Once this phase is complete, we will begin removing trees that were cut down to make room for the new parking lot in the back part of the property. We may also be able to begin working with local utility companies (power, water, etc.) for services needed to begin construction. Once the Site Plan is approved, the next phase (the Construction Phase) begins. This is where all the Town Construction Engineering departments review the actual construction drawings for code compliance. The good news is that some of this work is already in progress.

Updated Entrance Designs

Due to the excessive cost of the original designs, we've decided to work with some very talented architects right here in our congregation, to design more cost effective entrances that more closely reflect the spirit and look of our Hopewell campus (see renderings below).

The Net: It looks like the building permit for our Poughkeepsie Campus project will be issued sometime between September or October.

Prayer Focus: Please join us in praying we will quickly be able to begin the Construction Phase of our project.

The BEST is yet to come!!

Tree Eater!